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Scripture Reading – Numbers 13:23-29

Blog Title – Land Of Milk And Honey

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Learn about the best the Valley of Eshkol has to offer travelers! With stories, articles, photos and tips to help you make the most of your trip, this blog conveys the true spirit of this special Valley flowing with milk and honey!

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Fruits Of The Valley

The Valley is famous for our large, juicy grapes! It takes two men to carry a branch loaded with just one cluster! Pomegranates and figs are abundant too. While we offer plenty of fruit tasty to the palette, the Valley of Eshkol also offers abundant fruit to the spirit.

Here you will find the fruit of faithfulness – the inspiration to give control of your life fully to God. When you are at a crossroads in life, come to the Valley of Eshkol and allow the example of the Israelites to inspire you to always follow God’s way, to trust in His will and His plans for you.


Once upon a time there was a young woman who graduated cum laude from university. For years she despaired of ever using her English degree. Then I gave her the direction she needed and now she writes for me - her father so heavenly.

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