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Scripture Reading – The Book of Ruth

Blog Title – Stranger In A Strange Land

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About Me – I’m a Christian widow and mother from Bethlehem living in the land of Moab. I have two sons – Mahlon and Kilion. It’s not easy being a single mother in an alien land, but God is my refuge. He lifts me up every day and gives me the wisdom and strength to be a good mother.

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Blog Excerpt –

Keeping The Faith

As a Christian mother raising my sons in a heathen land, I worried about the influence the pagan culture would have on their faith, particularly if they were to fall in love with Moabite girls, which all things considered was inevitable.

When my concern was finally realized, I prayed for guidance. Clearly, to forbid the marriages was out of the question. Opposing their unions would only serve to drive the boys from me. I’d already lost my husband; I didn’t know what I’d do if I lost my sons too. Although I was not happy with their choices of brides, I had the good, God-given sense to keep my negative comments to myself.

The best course of action was to welcome the women into my home and my heart. By my example, perhaps I could inspire their faith. By devoting myself to the Lord fully, I might be able to win the Moabite women for God and in the process keep my sons on the right path too.


The results of Naomi’s decision will be explored tomorrow in her grandson’s blog :)

The relationship between Naomi and Ruth, while not explored here, was the inspiration for a devotional I wrote about my mother-in-law – A Mother-in-Law’s Gift; it’s posted on my personal blog, Pocketful of Playdough.

And last but not least …

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Once upon a time there was a young woman who graduated cum laude from university. For years she despaired of ever using her English degree. Then I gave her the direction she needed and now she writes for me - her father so heavenly.

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Nebuchadnezzar’s Blog

Blog Title: Dreaming Out Loud

About Me: I’m the King of Babylon. It is the second year of my reign, and I’ve been having some strange dreams. I’m using this blog to record pertinent information and significant details to help me understand what messages the dreams convey.

Intended Audience: Astrologists,magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, dream Interpreters.

Blog Excerpt:

Dream #1: The Statue

In this dream there was a large statue. It was an incredible statue -enormous, and awesome. The head of the statue was made of pure gold. The chest was made of silver. The belly and thighs were made of bronze. The legs were iron, with feet of some iron and some baked clay. Then the rock was cut, but not by any human.

The rock struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were all broken to pieces and became like chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. But the rock that struck the statue became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth (Daniel 2:34-36 NRV).

If anyone can interpret this dream, please leave a comment!

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No astrologist, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain the mystery of your dream. However, the God in heaven is capable of revealing mysteries. It is because of him that I had a vision about your first dream and can interpret it for you:

First, this is a dream of events to come. It is true. Trust my interpretation. Next, you are the king of kings. The Lord has given you authority over all of his creation. Therefore, you are the statue’s head of gold.

Beneath the head of gold, or your kingdom, are other inferior kingdoms made of silver, bronze and iron. The fourth kingdom, strong as iron, will destroy all others. The final kingdom is divided –part iron and part clay. It will be partly strong and partly brittle. The people, who are a mixture of iron and clay, will not be united because iron does not mix with clay.

In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever. This is the meaning of the vision of the rock cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands—a rock that broke the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold to pieces (Daniel 2:44-46 NRV).

King Neb

Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery (Daniel 2:47 NRV).

I’d like to offer you a position as ruler over the entire province of Babylon. And I’d like to put you in charge of all the wise men in the province.



I accept your offer. I would ask though that you appoint Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as administrators over the province of Babylon, and allow me to stay at the royal court.

King Neb

It’s a deal. I’ll email you with the official paperwork!

Of course, I will expect you to interpret any other dreams I may have in the future.



Once upon a time there was a young woman who graduated cum laude from university. For years she despaired of ever using her English degree. Then I gave her the direction she needed and now she writes for me - her father so heavenly.

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