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Scripture Reading –1 Samuel 25:3

Blog Title – A Fool’s Wife to A King’s Bride

Blogging Niche –Women who blog about living faithful, humble lives in obedience to God. Abigail’s blog would be listed at Faithful Bloggers.

About Me –My name is Abigail and my life’s goal is simple – to walk humbly before our God. I strive to do God’s will in any and every situation.

Blog Excerpt –

The Fool

A few readers have wondered about my first husband. I hate talking about that mean-spirited man or remembering that painful period in my past, but considering the name of my blog and the life’s lesson I learned during my first marriage, it’s time for me to go there.

Before David, I was married to a fool and a drunk who had no respect for our Lord. I put up with it, but I never let his attitude corrupt my own beliefs.

When King David was on the run from Saul, Nabal, a.k.a. ‘The Fool’, rudely refused to give food or aid to David and his men. But I didn’t cower in the corner, wringing my hands, depending on my husband. Knowing it was pointless to try and argue with Nabal, I did what I knew God wanted me to do and rode out to meet King David with an offering of food and peace.

I risked a lot choosing to go behind my first husband’s back, but I risked a lot more by doing nothing. In every situation, I trust in God and in return, He always sees me through.

Do you trust in God, even when faced with a dark situation? Remember that God’s wisdom always lights our way.


Once upon a time there was a young woman who graduated cum laude from university. For years she despaired of ever using her English degree. Then I gave her the direction she needed and now she writes for me - her father so heavenly.

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