Witch of Endor’s Blog

Scripture Reading – 1 Samuel 28:7-25

Blog Title – Bewitched [Alternate Titles – Hocus Pocus; The Endor Witch Project]

Blogging Niche – Pagan and Occult Bloggers

About Me – A medium in Endor. I am connected to the world of spirits. The secrets of the dead are mine to share. I’m available for seances, spells and enchantments. Contact me to discuss details.

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Blog Excerpt –

Devil In Disguise 

People of the earthly realm, please heed my warning! Contacting the realm of spirits is dangerous. There is no predicting what they might have to say. You must be prepared to hear messages of doom.

One of my more recent customers, the duplicitous King, wasn’t prepared. He sought me out when his God abandoned him.

No wonder! How little faith a king has to call on the people his God has condemned!

Perhaps his God was kindly sparing him. For when I conjured the spirit the King sought, the message was not what he wanted to hear.

The spirit he believed to be one of God’s prophets proclaimed his ultimate downfall. Fear filled his body and he fell to the ground, unable to even eat or drink.

This is the risk you take when you contact the world of spirits. Seeking forbidden knowledge can lead to great misfortune, even your own demise.


When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn (Isaiah 8:19-20).

Valley of Eshkol’s Blog

Scripture Reading – Numbers 13:23-29

Blog Title – Land Of Milk And Honey

Blogging Niche – Travel Destination Bloggers

About Me –

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Learn about the best the Valley of Eshkol has to offer travelers! With stories, articles, photos and tips to help you make the most of your trip, this blog conveys the true spirit of this special Valley flowing with milk and honey!

Blog Excerpt –

Fruits Of The Valley

The Valley is famous for our large, juicy grapes! It takes two men to carry a branch loaded with just one cluster! Pomegranates and figs are abundant too. While we offer plenty of fruit tasty to the palette, the Valley of Eshkol also offers abundant fruit to the spirit.

Here you will find the fruit of faithfulness – the inspiration to give control of your life fully to God. When you are at a crossroads in life, come to the Valley of Eshkol and allow the example of the Israelites to inspire you to always follow God’s way, to trust in His will and His plans for you.

Uriah’s Blog

Scripture Reading – 2 Samuel 11:10-12

Blog Title – Heart Of A Soldier

Blogging Niche – Christian and Military Bloggers

About Me -Hittite in the Israelite army under King David. Currently stationed in Rabbah. I’m married to a beautiful woman, but I believe God and country come before family.

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Blog Excerpt –

On The Home-Front

For some reason I find myself writing this post from the King’s palace while my fellow soldiers are still camped in the hill country of Judah. This just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m a soldier! My place is on the front lines with my men!

Although I am honored that the King seems to value my opinions about our current campaign, I’m restless and anxious to return to the open country. There is no way I can enjoy the comforts of my home while the rest of the men sleep in tents and prepare to risk their lives in battle. It’s not what a good soldier does, at least it’s not what this soldier does.

Home is a welcome sight for a soldier returning from war, as long as the war is over and won. Until combat is finished and the fight won, I belong on the battlefield! As I prepare to put my life on the line, rest assured there is no sacrifice I wouldn’t make for my God and country!


While pondering Uriah’s blog, I wondered how difficult it was being the wife of such a dedicated soldier?  Which then lead me to ponder an alternate blog for Bathsheba -what might her blog have been like before the infamous incident that made her a household name?

Tamar’s Blog

Scripture Reading – 2 Samuel 13

Blog Title – I’m A Survivor

Blogging Niche – Rape Survivor Bloggers

About Me – Daughter of David; survivor of rape; trying to heal and to move forward in spite of my brother’s betrayal and my subsequent disgrace.

Photo Credit – Adam Gault

Blog Excerpt –

Fallen Innocence

Despite being in a famous family of wealth and privilege, despite being the daughter of one of God’s favored, I was raped.My half brother Amnon violated my body, destroyed my life, and crushed my spirit. His sin of lust has left me irrevocably broken.

God never promised us we would not suffer. He never promised a smooth path strewn with rose petals. Even the innocent aren’t immune to suffering. I didn’t lead Amnon on. I didn’t do anything wrong or immoral, and yet, I’m devastated by a personal tragedy that has divided my family and created feelings of distrust and disloyalty between my father and brothers.

How do I begin to put the pieces of my ruined life back together? Recovery seems impossible, but nothing is impossible with God. First I must overcome my desire for revenge. Amnon’s sin is not mine to judge. I must trust in God’s retribution. I’m not sure of anything, but I am certain that forgiveness is the foundation for my rebuilt life surrounded by God’s comforting spirit.