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About Me – Naamathite. Friend of Job. Repentant sinner.

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On Forgiveness

Are you familiar with my friend Job? His terrible plight has received a lot of press. Suffice it to say, he’s suffered unimaginable tragedies in his life. As his friend, I felt it was my duty to offer comfort, which he rebuked as ‘miserable’. Fine. If he won’t take my advice, maybe you will.

  • Devote your heart to God.
  • Seek forgiveness from God.
  • Change your bad habits. Those of us who truly repent, stop our sinful behavior.
  • Forgiveness leads to feelings of security, fearlessness, and hope.

It seems so clear to me. Job is suffering because of his sin. If he’d only confess his deep, dark sins, God would stop afflicting him.

Well, perhaps, it’s too simple. Maybe God’s ways are more complex than I can fathom.

Okay. It’s possible Job’s suffering isn’t related to his sin, but not likely, in my opinion. Why would God cause an innocent man such pain and misery? No. I’m certain that if my friend just admits to God the evil he’s done, his life would go back to normal. Unfortunately, Job doesn’t want to listen to reason. Until he does, I’m afraid there will be no end to his misery.


And so ends my second A-Z Challenge! Hoorah! I can’t deny that I feel pretty awesome about it!

So what’s next for Bible Bloggers? Throughout the next month I’d like to go back and add some study questions or concluding thoughts to each blog, maybe even a prayer for each one. If I were to make Bible Bloggers into a book would it be a devotional or a Bible study? That’s what I’ll be trying to sort out throughout the month of May.

May 7th is the ‘Reflection’ post for the A-Z Challenge, which will probably be posted on Pocketful of Playdough, where I’ve discussed details of the Challenge.

What’s next for you now that the A-Z Challenge is over? Will you be taking a blogging break or continue blogging at a less strenuous pace?

Are you up for another challenge? If you are, here are a couple I’ve discovered –

Blog Me Maybe – It’s a Monday-Friday posting schedule with each day having a certain topic. This is more of a relaxed, easy-paced challenge.

Want something more extreme? Write A Story A Day in May – the challenge? Write a story every day in May. How hard could that be? Check out the link for lots more information if you are interested.


Once upon a time there was a young woman who graduated cum laude from university. For years she despaired of ever using her English degree. Then I gave her the direction she needed and now she writes for me - her father so heavenly.

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10 thoughts on “Zophar’s Blog

  1. Please, please make this into a book. Your insight is impeccable. And your ability to think like and take on the voice of each Bible character is remarkable.

    Congratulations on getting to the finish line!

    My plan is to go back to a more relaxed blogging pace for awhile :-)


    • ; belle soirée, bien mangé, bien ri, elle est sympathique, a un bon sens de l’humour etc…..mais, il n’y a pas eu le &lqa&o; fameux urqauo; déclic de mon côté !

  2. So many wonderful blogs, but yours was one of the best I came across during the A to Z. I was telling my husband about it last night. I think devo or Bible study would work but maybe I lean more toward Bible Study. You did an amazing job and like Lucy said, your voice for each person was spot on. You have the ability to make these people of yesterday come alive for people today. Pray … ask God how He wants you to continue this study. And blessings on every word you write!
    Jess recently posted..Z is for Zig ZagMy Profile

  3. Well, how could Job be blameless? I mean really? Who is? It must be sin that is causing his affliction. Zophar must know better than God, eh? ;0)

    Write a Story a Day in May — Do you realize that starts tomorrow? TOMORROW. It’s a great idea and I’d like to do that sometime, but not this May. :0)

    I love Bible Bloggers. I REALLY want you to turn it into some sort of study. I’d be glad to get with you again for brainstorming session!
    Dawn M. Hamsher (@DawnMHamsher) recently posted..A to Z Challenge – "Z"My Profile

  4. “Okay. It’s possible Job’s suffering isn’t related to his sin, but not likely, in my opinion.” Yep, it was his own opinion that got him in trouble with God whom he tried to defend. Another good lesson to be gleaned from this one!

    Congratulations to finishing this challenge! Thank you for your dedication and hard work. May God bless it!
    Petra recently posted..Z Is For ZealMy Profile

  5. Your Bible Blogger posts have been so beautiful – I think they would make a great Bible study book or a devotional . . .just depending on where you want to take it. I’ve loved these posts.

    I’ve signed up for a few other blog hops in May, but both of those look really cool . . . I’ll have to think about it. I’m not sure I’m up for an every day of the week challenge right away.
    Tyrean recently posted..A to Z Challenge: Zeal, Zest and Zipadeedoodah!My Profile

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