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Scripture Reading – Genesis 22: 1-19

Blog Title – Child of Promise

Blogging Niche – Christian and Boy Bloggers

About Me – I’m the son of Abraham and Sarah, some even say I’m the favorite son! I like to play outside, help with the animals and hang out with my dad.

Blog Excerpt

A Funny Thing Happened On Mount Moriah

So Dad and I went to the Land of Moriah to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. Dad and I have offered many sacrifices together before, but this trip was different. Something seemed off. First of all, Dad was quiet. I’d tried to talk to him, but his answers were short, as if his mind was full of other thoughts – thoughts he didn’t want to share with me.

Second of all, we didn’t bring a sacrifice.

“The fire and wood are here,” I said, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”

“God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son,” he said.

Cool. I trust in God’s provision. As Dad built the alter, he seemed sad. He put the wood on the alter, and when the time came to offer a sacrifice, I got a really funny feeling in the pit of my belly.

Dad reached for me and began to tie me up. It hit me then that I was the sacrifice! At first panic seized me and terror filled my heart, but almost immediately those feelings were replaced by a peace unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

Dad was repeating over and over, “God is good. He keeps his promises.”

I believed his words and they surrounded me with calm. As I lay bound on a pile of wood, I felt no fear – only trust in God.

Suddenly an angel shouted from the heavens, “Do not lay a hand on the boy. Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

Dad lowered the knife he had held over me. He caught sight of a ram and we sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead. Then together we worshiped.

The whole experience was weird, almost like a dream, but too real. I can still feel the wood scraping against my back.

On the way back, Dad was in good spirits again. The whole way home we praised God together! Dad’s unquestioning faith is so awesome! I hope I can always be as faithful to God as he is!

Zophar’s Blog

Scripture Reading – Job 11

Blog Title – Miserable Comfort

Blogging Niche – Christian Bloggers

About Me – Naamathite. Friend of Job. Repentant sinner.

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Blog Excerpt –

On Forgiveness

Are you familiar with my friend Job? His terrible plight has received a lot of press. Suffice it to say, he’s suffered unimaginable tragedies in his life. As his friend, I felt it was my duty to offer comfort, which he rebuked as ‘miserable’. Fine. If he won’t take my advice, maybe you will.

  • Devote your heart to God.
  • Seek forgiveness from God.
  • Change your bad habits. Those of us who truly repent, stop our sinful behavior.
  • Forgiveness leads to feelings of security, fearlessness, and hope.

It seems so clear to me. Job is suffering because of his sin. If he’d only confess his deep, dark sins, God would stop afflicting him.

Well, perhaps, it’s too simple. Maybe God’s ways are more complex than I can fathom.

Okay. It’s possible Job’s suffering isn’t related to his sin, but not likely, in my opinion. Why would God cause an innocent man such pain and misery? No. I’m certain that if my friend just admits to God the evil he’s done, his life would go back to normal. Unfortunately, Job doesn’t want to listen to reason. Until he does, I’m afraid there will be no end to his misery.


And so ends my second A-Z Challenge! Hoorah! I can’t deny that I feel pretty awesome about it!

So what’s next for Bible Bloggers? Throughout the next month I’d like to go back and add some study questions or concluding thoughts to each blog, maybe even a prayer for each one. If I were to make Bible Bloggers into a book would it be a devotional or a Bible study? That’s what I’ll be trying to sort out throughout the month of May.

May 7th is the ‘Reflection’ post for the A-Z Challenge, which will probably be posted on Pocketful of Playdough, where I’ve discussed details of the Challenge.

What’s next for you now that the A-Z Challenge is over? Will you be taking a blogging break or continue blogging at a less strenuous pace?

Are you up for another challenge? If you are, here are a couple I’ve discovered –

Blog Me Maybe – It’s a Monday-Friday posting schedule with each day having a certain topic. This is more of a relaxed, easy-paced challenge.

Want something more extreme? Write A Story A Day in May – the challenge? Write a story every day in May. How hard could that be? Check out the link for lots more information if you are interested.

Yesha’yahu’s Blog

Yesha’yahu is Hebrew for Isaiah. 

Scripture Reading – Isaiah 40

Blog Title -On Eagle’s Wings

Blogging Niche – Christian Writer Bloggers

About Me – Son of Amoz, husband, and father. I’ve been referred to as a spokesman for God. While I prophesied to Judah and Jerusalem, God revealed so much to me that I wrote a book for all nations- Isaiah -available wherever Bibles are sold.

BlogrollMicah – Messages From Heaven

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Blog Excerpt –

4 Reasons To Read My Book:

  1. Greater faith in Christ – See for yourself how many prophecies were fulfilled in the coming of Jesus – our promise of salvation!
  2. Deeper understanding of God’s precepts – There is only one God and to walk in His comfort we must confess and repent our sins.
  3. Stronger love for God’s word – The Word is a light to those who love the Lord. The Light will banish darkness and gloom.
  4. Steadier trust in God’s control – Acknowledging God’s control in our lives means reading, believing and acting according to God’s Word, which brings the security of knowing The Holy One will always be there to help us.

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint (Isaiah 40:30-31).

Xerxes’s Blog

Scripture Reading – Esther 2:1-18

Blog Title – The Bachelor King

Blogging Niche – Reality Television Bloggers

About Me – One king. Many young women. Let the romance blossom!

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Blog Excerpt –

The Game For Love

The king of Persia needs a new queen. But how does a wealthy, powerful man find a worthy soul mate and partner? By making his search into a game, of course!

In preparation for the game, commissioners of the King conducted a thorough search of all the provinces in Persia. The most beautiful virgins were selected and then brought to the king’s harem at the citadel of Susa.

At the citadel, they underwent 12 months of beauty treatments to prepare for the elimination competition. Hegai, who manages the harem, oversaw six months of treatment with oil of myrrh and six months of treatment with perfumes and cosmetics. After a year-long regimen of pampering and beautifying, the women are ready to compete to win approval and favor with the King.

Each woman has one date with the King. At the end of each date, the King decides if the woman is worthy of being his queen. Anyone who pleases the King receives a rose and may be summoned by name again to meet with him. Those who are not summoned again remain in the harem.

As the competition heats up, front-runners will emerge and passions will rise. In the race for royal love, which young beauty will ultimately capture the heart of the King?

The fate of these women rests in the King’s hands. He has big decisions to make. Only he has the power to decide who will be the next queen. Will it be a woman of strong moral character as well as beauty? Tune in to find out!


Again, creative liberties since obviously a rose wasn’t part of the Bible story 😉